Get a Lifetime Limited Warranty at No Extra Charge!

Behlmann backs both new and pre-owned vehicles for as long as you own them.

In addition to all new car warranties, Behlmann also provides additional protection on the most critical systems for as long as you own your new vehicle. Our Lifetime Limited Warranty covers your vehicle’s:

  • Engine
  • Transmission/Transfer Case
  • All-Wheel Drive Assembly (if applicable)
  • Drivetrain Assembly

These systems are the most expensive to repair in the event of a problem that may occur as your vehicle ages. But with Behlmann Lifetime Limited Warranty, they are covered with no mileage limits, no time limits, and at no cost to you. And if you move or you are out of town, you can have service work performed at any licensed repair shop.

And it’s not just on new cars. Most of our pre-owned vehicles also come with this great, lifetime protection.

That’s why people say, “You Can’t Do Better Than Behlmann”.